Bukutu dreams big

By Fortunate Gunde


MHANGURA – Once an exciting young player, Tendai Bukutu dreams big as he aims to
follow in his idol’s footsteps of becoming a highly successful coach.
Bukutu, a former player for Grain Shooting Stars and Grain Tigers is now 49 years old
but has always dreamt of being a coach. He started as an assistant coach at Mhangura
Football Club and in his first season they managed to finish on third position.
Bukutu said he fell in love with football at a tender age but only started playing
professionally in 2006. During that time, he played for Grain Super, a team from Lion’s
Den which was in Division Two. After retiring he took a break from football but the
passion for the game saw him coming back as coach.
Currently coaching Mhangura FC, which is in Division Two and on position three,
Bukutu has vowed to follow his idol, Pisto Mosimane, footsteps and become one of the
most celebrated African coaches.
“I chose coaching because football runs in my veins. I want to create players with
passion, power and vision. I want to go as high as possible in coaching as long as the
doors are open. I want to be like Pitso Mosimane in Africa or a Jürgen Klopp in Europe,”
explained Bukutu.
Bukutu said he is currently working on acquiring a Confederation African Football (CAF)
coaching licence. For now, he is still relying on experience and exposure from his
playing days and as fan of the game.
The Mhangura FC coach is a big admirer of Cristiano Ronaldo and also a loyal
Liverpool supporter.
“I am a staunch Liverpool supporter and an admirer of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi
and Steven Gerrard,” said Bukutu.

However, he lamented the state of football in Division Two in Mashonaland West
Province, saying there is talent but sponsorship is needed for growth of the talent and
development of the sport.

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