Candidates should respect voters

By Sharon Chimenya


AS the country draws closer to the August 23 harmonised elections, President
Emmerson Mnangagwa has called on candidates to respect the people as they are
the bosses.
Speaking at a rally in Masvingo recently, he said candidates should shy away from
being referred to as the bosses by the electorates while in actual sense the
electorate is the boss.
If one wants to stay for a longer period in office, they should learn to respect the
electorate because if they choose not to vote them in power they cease to be
“I have seen the comrades, who are contesting for the parliamentary, senatorial and
other various quotas and they and Dr Bimha said they are over 300. I want to tell
them that if they want to rule for a very long time like us, we know that the people are
the bosses.
“So you, who want to be voted into office, desist from being addressed as bosses by
the electorate. You should actually tell them that they are the bosses because if they
don’t vote for you, you cease to be a boss. So those who give you the boss status
are the bosses themselves and if you are able to appreciate that, you will rule and
rule until you die,” he said.
President Mnangagwa said that Zanu PF will win the upcoming elections
“We are solid, we are united and we will march forward. Zanu PF is unstoppable. No
one will stop the march of this colossal party, Zanu PF. I urge you to remain
disciplined under Zanu PF. Now, let us continue mobilising for a resounding vote for
our colossal revolutionary party on the 23rd of August.”

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