Celebrating Day of African Child

Scholastic Madabudabu


CHEGUTU – Chegutu District celebrated the Day of the African Child on Wednesday
last week at Lismore Primary School, at an event graced by officials from the
Ministries of Primary and Secondary Education, Youth, Women Affairs, Health and
Child Care, other Government departments and the Johane Masowe Foundation.
The Junior Member of Parliament, Ngaakudzwe Ncube, who was the guest of
honour at the event said that parents should assist children in embracing technology
by providing them with the technological gadgets such as laptops and cell phones
and encouraging them to learn more about Information Communication
Technologies (ICTs).
He highlighted that the day's event should have seen school children in charge of
operating the public address system, taking photographs and videos of the event if
they had been exposed to operating such equipment.
Tariro Mushori of the non-governmental organisation, Johane Masowe Foundation,
said that the organisation represents the Johane Masowe followers and strives to
improve education in communities.
She highlighted that the Day of the African Child today was being celebrated under
the theme "The Rights of a Child In a Digital Environment" in an effort to bridge the
communication and education divide between the rural and urban learners as the
digital environment enables every child to get access to learning and researching
through the internet.
The organisation works hand-in-glove with Ministry of Youth and Ministry of
Education in supporting the right to education for children.
Memory Mhonda, the district head for the Ministry of Youth gave a brief history of the
Soweto Uprising that led to the creation of the Day of the African Child, adding that
the day is commemorated yearly as a way of reminding parents and guardians of the
children's rights to education, indigenous languages, shelter and love.
Although children are exposed to digital environments, she explained, it is still
important for parents and guardians to monitor how their children are using the
digital gadgets such as cell phones to prevent them from watching pornography and
accessing websites that lead them into drug abuse.
The headmaster of David Whitehead School, Mr Makonese, said that parents should
support their children in doing their Continuous Assessment Learning Areas (CALAs)
as this helps children in solving problems in their particular communities.
Parents should therefore assist in providing children with cell phones and data for
them to undertake their researches, he suggested.

A representative from the Ministry of Women Affairs, Jane Mutisi, said that
communities should be made aware that the Ministry does not represent women only
but men as well, adding that all children – both boys and girls – should have equal
rights to education and other social amenities.
She urged parents to teach boys to do household chores and girls to perform
formerly male-dominated jobs in order to equip them for the future.
A representative from the Ministry of Health and Child Care urged children to be very
careful when left in the care of guardians as they can be abused and be infected with
She also urged parents to stop child marriages and encouraged all children to shun
The school received stationery from the Johane Masowe Foundation and the Junior
MP expressed his appreciation at the raw talent at the school by donating presents
to the best performers of drama and dance on the day. – ZIS

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