Gwanda calls for peaceful poll

By Mvelo Mthiyane Zondo


GWANDA – CHRISTIAN and youth organisations from Gwanda District and
Matabeleland South Province are advocating for a peaceful election period as the
country moves towards the harmonised polls on August 23, 2023.
Their wish comes after the Government’s insistence that the closely-watched vote
would be peaceful despite complaints by the opposition.
President Emmerson Mnangagwa recently called for the process to be peaceful,
adding: “This is what we want and should continue now during the process of
campaigning, during the elections and post-elections.”
He said this after submitting his nomination papers, while stressing that Zimbabwe
was now a mature democracy.
Gwanda Ward 4 residents are organising a peace-march ahead of the polls.
“As Ward 4 residents, we are organising a peace-march that will seek to foster non-
violent campaigns.
“All political parties are invited to join the march, all churches, youths, Government
departments and the police will be part of the campaign.
“We want to remind people that there is still life after elections. Despite, different
political affiliations, the bottom line is that we remain neighbours for life.
“Residents coming from other wards are also invited to join the peaceful march. We
want a united community,” said one Ward 4 resident.
Pastor Thulani Mathe, from Zimbabwe Christian Alliance, said they have conducted
some community trainings on peace.
“As churches we are praying for youths to shun away from violence and to avoid
being used by politicians.
So far we have done some community training on peace-building and we continue
monitoring the situation,” said Pastor Mathe.
Gwanda Residents’ Association secretary general, Wellington Nare, said selecting a
leader of one’s choice is a Constitutional right, quoting section 67.
“Every Zimbabwean citizen has the right to free, fair and regular elections for any
elective public office established in terms of the Constitution or any other law.
“We all have the right to campaign freely and peacefully for a political party or cause
as well as to participate in peaceful political activity.
“As residents’ association, we urge people to exercise their political rights in an
organised and peaceful manner,” said Nare.

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