Headmaster drinking with students

By Chenjerai Gumbeze


CHEGUTU – PARENTS in Chegutu are concerned by the conduct of one
headmaster, at a private school in the town, who is in the habit of drinking beer and
smoking marijuana with his students.
The headmaster is allegedly in the habit of asking for money from students, and
sometimes drinks and smokes with his students, mainly boys.
One parent confronted the headmaster when he saw him exchanging Chibuku super
beer with one of his students. They were also smoking marijuana together.
Ndakatomuona pafeya achinwa doro nevana vaanodzidzisa, uye vaiputa mbanje.
Zvichireva kuti kana mutoriro anoputa nevana. Zvino akuvadzidzisa chii chaizvo?
“Isu tinenge tichiti vana varikudzidziswa zvechikoro, izvo varikudzidziswa kutora
zvinodhaka," said Keleb Goto.
A number of people, who spoke to this publication blasted the head for showing no
respect to parents who invested trust in him.
We invested our trust in teachers but how the head is conducting his business is
very dangerous. Better we report him to the police before time runs out. These are
children below the age, meaning that the head is also practising child abuse.
That is why some students engage in violence. They are several reports of students
resorting to violence with some cases of murder being the end result," said another
A whole lot of concerned parties and organisations always campaign against drug
and substance abuse.
A number of private schools have mushroomed in Chegutu, with some operating
from questionable environments.
Parents prefer private schools to Government schools because for a number of
reasons, one being the fee payment plan.

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