Heritage-Based Education 5.0, a game-changer


In pursuit of its Vision 2030 to transform Zimbabwe into an empowered upper-middle-income
society, the government has introduced the ground breaking philosophy of Heritage-Based
Education 5.0.
The introduction of Heritage-Based Education 5.0 is a significant step towards achieving Zimbabwe's
Vision 2030. By harnessing the knowledge, skills, and entrepreneurial spirit of graduates, this
innovative philosophy empowers individuals to contribute to the growth of the nation.
This visionary approach aims to harness the knowledge and skills of graduates from higher and
tertiary institutions, enabling them to contribute significantly to the production of goods and
services, offer innovative solutions to challenges, and ultimately uplift the lives of the people.
We wholeheartedly support this initiative and believe it holds immense potential for the nation's
One of the key aspects of Heritage-Based Education 5.0 is the encouragement of graduates to form
consortia and business units aligned with the government's agenda of employment creation,
empowerment, industrialisation, and modernisation.
This proactive step not only empowers individuals but also fosters a culture of entrepreneurship and
self-reliance. By providing graduates with the necessary tools and resources to establish their own
ventures, the government is nurturing a generation of job creators who will drive economic growth
and prosperity.
Furthermore, institutions of higher education play a crucial role in realising the objectives of
Heritage-Based Education 5.0. These institutions should actively engage in high-impact projects such
as building, plumbing, and engineering works.
By undertaking such initiatives, they not only equip students with practical skills but also contribute
to the development of essential infrastructure, bolstering economic growth and improving the
standard of living for all Zimbabweans.
It is imperative that these projects are adequately supported and funded to maximise their potential
In line with the government's commitment to graduate employment, the establishment of the
Graduate Employment Creation and Development Programme is a game-changer.
This programme serves as a catalyst for the establishment of industries and provides graduates with
the necessary support to transform their ideas into viable businesses.
We applaud this forward-thinking approach, as it not only mitigates the challenge of unemployment
but also harnesses the potential of the nation's brightest minds.

However, to ensure the success of Heritage-Based Education 5.0 and the Graduate Employment
Creation and Development Programme, it is crucial that sufficient funds are allocated to these
Investing in the education and empowerment of our graduates is an investment in Zimbabwe's
future. We urge the government to unveil more funds specifically dedicated to these programmes,
as they hold the key to unlocking the nation's potential and driving sustainable economic growth.

We commend the government's efforts in fostering an environment of employment creation,
empowerment, industrialisation, and modernisation. It is our collective responsibility to support and
nurture these initiatives, as they hold the promise of transforming Zimbabwe into a prosperous and
thriving society for generations to come.

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