Hubby kills wife, buries her in shallow grave.

By Rutendo Mapfumo


Police in Matebeleland North are looking for a 36-year-old Tsholotsho manfor allegedly murdering his
The accused Dingumuzi Sibanda from Gulalikabili village allegedly killed his wife after he suspected her
of having an extramarital affair.
According to Glory Banda the Matebeleland North Police Spokesperson, the couple were coming from a
party when the incident happened.
“The couple was coming from a party and heading to their homes. When they were in a bushy area the
accused stabbed his wife and axed her leading to her death,” said Banda adding that the accused then
allegedly buried her body in a shallow grave.
“After committing the gruesome murder, the accused was seen by a villager who noticed his bloody
hands and clothes.
“When the villager asked about the bloody hands and clothes the accused quickly defended himself and
said he had slaughtered a buck. The villager was suspicious and investigated the matter with other
villagers who indicated that the accused had earlier assaulted his wife during the party.
“The villagers teamed up to investigate the matter and they later discovered some blood stains at the
scene of the murder and the stains led them to the shallow grave,” said Banda.
The police are appealing for any information on the whereabouts of the accused who is still at large.

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