Kombayi blames CCC workers for sabotage

Staff Reporter


GWERU Mayor Hamutendi Kombayi has come out guns blazing accusing a certain section of council
workers aligned to the Citizens Coalition for Change for sabotaging water provision to certain wards.
Kombayi, who is Ward 1 councillor, is seeking re-election in the August 23 harmonised elections on
an MDC-T ticket.
The Mayor flooded a number of residents WhatsApp groups saying there was a deliberate ploy by
the workers to disregard the water rationing schedule.
“Word on the ground is that it is CCC aligned council workers causing challenges on the water
rationing schedule by deliberately leaving out some areas.
“These CCC employees are diverting water to other areas leaving some without water. It is unfair,
everyone must receive water when it is their time according to the schedule,” he said.
The mayor said some areas were receiving water on a daily basis, while others are not receiving
Kombayi stood his ground when some residents questioned why he was only bringing it now when
he was in council for the past five years and never mentioned it.
Some residents, especially in his ward, blamed him for turning his back on them and was now trying
to score cheap political points by bringing unfounded allegations.
“There is no fair distribution of water, this is what I have been told, there is no politicking or
campaigning that I am doing.
“I am trying to fight so that you get water because you are being left out while others are getting
water every day. I want every area to receive water according to the schedule and nothing else,” he
Kombayi has launched his bid to retain as Ward 1 councillor, a position he has held since 2013.
He faces stiff competition from Zanu PF’s Coussie Mcleame Anashe and the CCC’s Mercy
Gweru City Council has failed to address the city’s water challenges with some areas going for years
without tap water.
Council has attributed the challenges to low pumping capacity, obsolete pipes and continued
electricity challenges.

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