Kwekwe Poly designs robot, Pfumvudza gadget


KWEKWE Polytechnic has come up with high impact projects and through its innovation drive, the
college has designed a traffic density controlled traffic light system and is also working on coming up
with a Pfumvudza gadget which will be a push, drill and harvest concept.
This was revealed by the college Principal Evans Musara during the 38th graduation and prize giving
ceremony, where 1129 graduands were conferred with certificates and diplomas in various courses.
The graduation ceremony was held under the theme: ““Heritage-based innovations towards
sustainable development.”
Musara said as the Education 5.0 philosophy gathers momentum and begins to bear fruits, Kwekwe
Polytechnic, recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Verify Engineering for the
mass production of an engine drawn plough for the benefit of small holder farmers.
Kwekwe Polytechnic and Verify Engineering have also joined hands to come up with a Pfumvudza
gadget, which will replace the timba ugute concept with the push, drill and harvest concept.

Kwekwe Polytechnic has designed a traffic density controlled traffic lights system, whose main key
innovative features include giving priority to the direction with more traffic, low power
consumption, sends notification and keeps record of breakdowns, traffic offenders and less chances
of vandalism.
Musara said the City of Kwekwe, which was impressed with the concept, has asked Kwekwe
Polytechnic to install the robots at five intersections in the city.
Kwekwe has one functional robot near the main bus terminus in the CBD.
“We are just waiting for Kwekwe City Council to give the greenlight and funding to start the project,”
said the Principal.
Other towns and cities which have shown interest in the concept include Harare, Masvingo, Gweru,
Kadoma and Rusape Town Council.
Musara added: “More engagements are in progress and we believe that this Kwekwe Polytechnic-
developed traffic control system could be the panacea to control traffic in mega cities such as
Other innovations include the Mudzimai wanhasi efficient stove and the production of hostel beds.
In April this year, Kwekwe Polytechnic came third in the Presidential Innovation awards for the best
innovation in Environment Sector and finalist in the Presidential Award for the Best Exhibition at the
Innovation Fair.
In June, Kwekwe Polytechnic came second in the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce awards
– Tertiary Institution (5.0 implementer) of the year 2022 award.
The Kwekwe Polytechnic Principal said they thrive to provide quality vocational, innovative,
technoprenual and manufacturing technology that is relevant for industry and commerce.

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