New Police Chief For Manicaland

Sharon Chigeza


MUTARE-Incoming Officer Commanding Manicaland Police Assistant
Commissioner Arnold Makomo, has promised to step up the onslaught against
crimes in child rights abuses, armed robberies, corruption and the continued
smuggling of second-hand clothes to plug loopholes that are prejudicing the
country of millions of dollars in lost revenue.
Speaking during a welcoming media interface with local journalists in Mutare, in
which Asst Comm Makomo replaced Commissioner Priscilla Makotose to lead
police in the province, Asst Makomo underscored the need to fight against
corruption, smuggling and violence in light of the upcoming harmonized elections.
Asst Comm Makomo said the police was ready for the election season and would
intensify its presence and fight against smuggling and illegal activities in the
mining sector.
He said the force would fire from all cylinders and engage relevant stakeholders to
ensure a crime-free society.
“We will continue to deploy and ensure that peace and tranquillity prevail in
Manicaland Province. The business of fighting crime is not for the police alone and
for that reason I promise that I will continue to engage the media to make this
province a better place,” he said.

In his introductory remarks as the new officer commanding police in the province,
Ass Comm Makomo stressed the need for continued dialogue between the police
and journalists to strengthen relations between the two professions.
“Allow me to stress the need for continued dialogue in order to improve relations
at the same time ensuring the media appreciates and understands the role of the
police in a modern state. As the police we do pledge to continue working with you
in finding solutions in areas where there are difficulties,” he said.
He further stressed the need for cordial and friendly working relations between the
police and the media to ensure an enabling and safe environment for both parties.
“Let me reiterate that this interface must have a resolve in which the media and
police should avoid the use and communication of hate language. The police is
there to create an enabling environment that promotes the safety and security of
journalists,” said Ass Comm Makomo.

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