Owner, chickens die from poisoned nyevhe

By Marsha Sengwe


A 70-year-old Guruve woman and her 11 chickens died on Thursday last week after
eating dried Spider flower leaves (Nyevhe) suspected to have been laced with some
Her husband is recuperating at Guruve District Hospital after also eating the same meal.
Inspector Milton Mundembe, the provincial police spokesperson, said that on Monday,
July 17 Mary Chirasikwa was at her homestead in Mudariki Village under Chief
Chipuriro in Guruve when she received the relish from her nephew, Talent Marirahanda.
Chirasikwa prepared the nyevhe and sadza she and her husband, Luke Mugarwe (81),
ate the meal.
They suddenly developed severe stomach pains and started vomiting.
A passerby saw them and gave them fresh milk. Mugarwe began to vomit excessively
while Chirasikwa groaned in pain.
At around 4pm, their nine-year-old grandchild arrived from school and found his
guardians in pain. Chirasikwa explain what had happened and the nine-year- old threw
the food into a rubbish pit.
All the 11 chickens that were at the homestead then ate the food and they all
immediately died.
Chirasikwa was later taken to Mudhindo Clinic, where she was referred to Guruve
District Hospital. She died on July 20, after three days.

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