President donates to disabled in Midlands

Norman Dururu


GWERU – About 150 persons with disabilities in the Midlands last week received seed maize and
millet or sorghum from President Emmerson Mnangagwa as part of his donations made during the
National Disability Expo held in Gwanda in June.
The donations were handed over by the Special Advisor to President Mnangagwa on Disabilities Dr
Joshua Malinga’s director Macnon Chirinzepi.
Each beneficiary received 10kg seed maize and 2kg sorghum or millet while Mudavanhu Centre,
Jairos Jiri Naran and Queen of Peace received pigs to start piggery projects.
In a speech read on his behalf, Dr Malinga urged persons with disabilities to utilise the seed and so
that they have food at household level.
“The seed is for farming and not to sell. It is better that one sells after yielding more,” he said.
Dr Malinga said those who attended the National Disability Expo in Gwanda received their handouts
and his office was now moving across the country distributing to those that did not attend.
He said the gesture by the President was putting into practice the mantra, “living no place and no
one behind” in the development agenda.
He said the seed was meant to make persons with disabilities work for themselves so that they are
self-sustainable in food security as espoused by the National Development Strategy 1.
“Persons with disabilities should grow their crops in peri-urban areas so that they have food,” he
said adding that people with disabilities should also approach their local authorities so that they get
stands from the quota set aside for them.
On human capital development, Dr Malinga said persons with disabilities who have skills and
qualifications should be considered for employment.
“We should take advantage of all opportunities being presented to us by the Second Republic in all
sectors of the economy,” he said.
The President’s initiative is aimed at supporting urban agriculture so that persons with disability
have food at household level.
Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Senator Larry Mavima said the disability
policy recognises that persons with disability require empowerment through special support to
promote their participation in National Development.
“Furthermore, the policy gives emphasis on the inclusion of persons with disability in all
development initiatives,” he said.
Sen. Mavima said the donations signify President Mnangagwa’s support towards the transformative
nature of agriculture in the economy.

One of the beneficiaries, Itai Mariko applauded President Mnangagwa for remembering persons
with disabilities.
“We are happy as this shows that he has us at heart and that we should fend for ourselves,” she

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