Provincial sport leaders urged to be professional

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MARONDERA- Leaders of sports associations should ensure that they formalize
their activities at all levels and seek proper guidance whenever they face any
Sport and Recreation Commission (SRC) provincial coordinator Tellmore Chibanda
said this when she addressed a recent quarterly stakeholders meeting at the ZIFA
Mashonaland East boardroom.
The meeting was attended by representatives of various associations and sport
codes including soccer, basketball, volleyball, pool and athletics, among others.
“In everything that you do as leaders of sports organisations, you must lead by
example and try to be as professional as possible. All your activities must be
formalised and you should report your activities to the SRC so that we can give you
proper guidance that helps sport to grow.
“Our aim as a province is to come up with a consolidated sports calendar so that
tournaments and leagues for various sports codes can be held in an organized
manner. Such a move would also bring a semblance of order which is vital for sport
development. You must always be in constant touch with the clubs who are part of
your associations and you must give them proper guidance on the rules and
regulations of your sport codes to maintain a high degree of professionalism,”
Chibanda said.
She further highlighted on the importance of associations to be well-versed on sport
governance issues.
“Governance issues guides you to carry your sport codes forwards and as leaders,
you have to be well-acquainted to the rules and regulations of your sport codes. This
will help you to lead professionally and be in a position to solve administrative or
technical issues that may arise.
“On the other hand, it is also important for you to keep technical files and records as
you can always refer to them when there are matters to be resolved or referred to.
We also expect you to provide us with your associations’ weekly, monthly and
quarterly returns.
"As the regulators of all sports activities in the province, we want associations of all
disciplines to share with us their programmes and events lined up so that we avoid
doing things in a haphazard manner.
"We want to be given updates on any latest developments within all associations as
well as in schools’ sport. A consolidated sports calendar for the whole province will

provide the necessary guidance on what will be taking place or what will need to be
done to develop sports in the province,” the province’s sports coordinator said.
Chibanda also told the stakeholders that there were plans for the holding of
provincial sports awards at the end of the year.
She said: “As a way of awarding hardworking athletes and administrators in
Mashonaland East, we are preparing to resuscitate sports awards in the province. A
few years ago, we used to hold such awards ceremonies whereby we rewarded and
recognised all those who would have done exceptionally well, be it the athletes,
officials or administrators.
"We want to bring back the awards this year and we will put in place a committee to
spearhead the coordination of the ceremony which, if everything goes according to
plan, should be held at the end of the year."

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