Spare the rod, spoilt the child

By Sharon Chimenya


THE increase in cases of drug abuse among young people is being fuelled by too
much freedom.
Several factors have been attributed to drug and substance abuse, which include
peer pressure, availability of drugs and lack of discipline among young people.
In an interview, Chief Nhema of Zaka, born Ranganai Bwawanda, said the problem
of substance abuse is also causing problems in the rural communities and is no
longer a problem for those in the urban areas.
“We have a problem with our legislation, because when you try to talk with these
young people they tell you that you are violating their rights and the NGOs (non-
governmental organisations) will quickly step in accusing of abusing them.
“Young people are mindful of their rights than their culture and in turn it becomes
very difficult to reprimand them. Long back, a child would stop any mischievous
behaviour when they saw an elderly person of the community, but now they would
just continue doing whatever they would be doing.”
He said traditional beliefs are under attack when they try to give advice and nurture
the adolescent, they are accused of violating children’s rights.
“We are trying to conduct gatherings, but they come when they feel like. If necessary
the Government should look into the issues to do with legislation so that they push
for the protection of our culture,” he said.
Meanwhile, Vice-President and Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr Constantino
Chiwenga, last week said in the drive for economic development the youth should
shun the use of drugs.
“For our nation to fully develop, it needs those who do Mathematics, those who are
into Sciences and ICT (Information Communication Technology) but for all to drive
all theses there is need to shun crystal meth. I am now talking as the Minister of
Health that you should shun the use of crystal meth and the use of cannabis.”
The Government launched the inter-ministerial taskforce which is chaired by the
Ministry of Public Services, Labour and Social Welfare and deputised by the Ministry
of Youths, Sports, Arts and Recreation and Ministry of Health and Child Care to
devise mechanisms and measures to contain the spike in drug and substance

This initiative is anchored on five pillars which are; Supply Reduction Pillar, chaired
by National Security; Demand Reduction Pillar, chaired by the Ministry of Youth
Sports Arts and Recreation; Harm Reduction Pillar, chaired by the Ministry of Health
and Child Care; Treatment and Rehabilitation Pillar, chaired by the Ministry of Health

and Child Care; and Community Re-Integration Pillar, chaired by the Ministry of
Public Service Labour and Social Welfare.

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