Upcoming literary writer bemoans challenges in sector

By Archford Chirimudombo


MARONDERA- A talented upcoming Chivhu-based literary writer has bemoaned
challenges that he says are all-encompassing and hurdles to the development of the
art in the country.
Guide Chimedza (25) who also works in the security services sector said despite
challenges, he is determined to continue writing novels that can capture the mind
while at the same time shaping societies.
“As novel writers, we face the same challenges but my aim is to soldier on until such
a time my works will be fully recognised. Through working hard, the challenges can
be overcome and what is needed is for one to perservere and stay focused.
“Having spent several years in the game and aspiring to make a name for myself,
the main challenges that I have faced include the issue of piracy, hard conditions
that are set by publishers, poor time management and poor quality of work by
publishers and inadequate funds for projects.
“There are also grey areas that need to be addressed when it comes to type setting,
editing and marketing of produced works,” said Chimedza, whose idols including

literary arts legends Charles Mungoshi, Mordekai Hamutyinei, Giles Kuimba and
Aaron Chiundura-Moyo.
He also bemoaned non-encompassing policies in the art field and the demotion of
local languages in schools and cultural dilution.
The Chivhu-born writer said: “Art was, is and will always remain our pillar for Ubuntu.
Our works, as writers help to shape the maintenance of culture, beliefs, norms and
values of us as Shona people. The industry lacks implementation of legal
frameworks that facilitate and curb all sorts of barriers to success.
“I would like to repeat that piracy has become a big challenge in the industry. It
destroys our hopes for the future as authors and any participants within the field.”
However, he acknkowledged that despite the challenges, the industry has been
improving due to technology.
To date, Chimedza has published two Shona novels – Nhava Yerukuru and Mhaka
Haina Dongo – courtesy of Norton-based Essential Book Publishers.
His other works are love stories anthology titled Chinyarara Mudiwa and a Shona
textbook, Demhe Reruzivo Rwavashona, that can help answer problematic local
language questions often asked at school.
He is planning to write television storylines, publish more Shona text books to be
used as set books at various levels and hopes that one day, his works will be be
acknowledged through a National Arts and Merit Awards (NAMA) nomination.

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