Zim grateful to BRICS


Johannesburg (New Ziana)-Zimbabwe has benefitted immensely from its relations with BRICS countries as some of its modern infrastructure and development are a product of the relations, Zanu PF secretary for information, Christopher Mutsvangwa said on Saturday.

Speaking at the ongoing 6th BRICS global media forum, Mutsvangwa said the bloc’s diplomatic and political cover helped Zimbabwe overcome illegal Western sanctions for over two decades, and today the country is rebounding in every aspect.

“As we speak, Zimbabwe is poised to become Africa’s fastest growing economy.
“We have an influx of world class entrepreneurs from the BRICS fraternity pouring investment into our resource rich nation. Our well educated and easily skillable labour force is ever keen and ready to turn invested capital to profits, he said.

Mutsvangwa immediately invited the media from BRICS countries to Zimbabwe to witness the transformation of the country in the Second Republic.

“Please despatch BRICS reporters to Zimbabwe. They will write and film mouth-watering multi-billion dollar investments. Of note are steel blast furnaces, coke oven batteries and ferrochrome furnaces for a Carbon Steel Ecosystem at Manhize. The commission Date is 1 December 2023.”

Mutsvangwa said developing nations should position themselves to seize opportunities presented by BRICS.

“Africa has to render gratitude to the economic resurgence of the BRICS and other emergent economies.

“At the same time, closer cooperation and tighter coordination is needed. Otherwise, the turbulent convulsions emanating from those powers in the West who aspire to hold on to unjust historical greed will create horrific havoc,” he said.

Turning to elections due to be held in 3 days in Zimbabwe, Mutsvangwa expressed confidence that Zanu PF would win, resoundingly.

“Both me and my wife (Zimbabwe’s Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa) are candidates for the Senate seats. By the way, our marriage goes back to our wartime comradeship. We are a liberation struggle foot-soldier couple.

“We are here even as we are in the final lap of our elections; all because we put premium to the work of the mirror as the image of BRICS at work.

“Take comfort. President EDM (Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa) the BRICS candidate and ZANU-PF party of the BRICS are poised to WIN Big. We owe our imminent electoral good fortunes to the BRICS,” he said.

Mutsvangwa commended China’s Xinhua News Agency for organising the 6th BRICS media forum.

“I want to salute Xinhua News Agency and the initiative to host the 6th BRICS Media Forum. The duty of the media is to bring out the story of our people at work, at study, at play as they take up their rightful place in global affairs. That way we create a virtuous cycle of inclusive human development underpinned by our collective self esteem and energetic self-confidence. We must strive for even more and sharp press reports in all media channels. This should be the driving spirit of ongoing 6th BRICS Media Forum.

“Thank you Xinhua News Agency for helping to eradicate a onetime pervasive pandemic called Afro-pessimism. The pathogens were spread by CNN, BBC and the other post-imperial media outlets.

“You are leading the charge of a CAN-DO Afro-optimism. The image and the mirror are reflecting in sync. Thanks to your positive media framing of a shared and an unbiased future,” he said.
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