Drive multipolar agenda- Mutsvangwa tells Brics media


Johannesburg (New Ziana) – The media from Brics countries and the rest of the developing world should drive the global agenda of creating a multipolar world, a cabinet minister said on Saturday.

Addressing a Brics media forum here, Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister, Monica Mutsvangwa said the West was trying anything possible, especially misinformation, to cling onto its global political and economic hegemony.

In the process, she said, the western media was creating a false narrative, including peddling news fakes, to discredit anything that posed a threat to the unravelling unipolar control of the world by their countries.

Lately, sceptic western media focus has been on Brics, a grouping of five of the world’s most powerful developing countries – Brazil, India, Russia, China and South Africa – that is driving global multipolarity.

Among other things, the group is pushing for global political and economic equality and fairness, something anathema to the West.

Mutsvangwa said the media had a critical role to play, not only in debunking the false western media and government narratives about Brics and the developing world in general, but in connecting third world countries and markets.

Greater interaction, political and economic, among developing nations – fostered by the media – would strongly rebuff western hegemony, she said.

“To achieve this, our nations must know each other and the media has a franchising effect to that cause. The media helps to curate the interwoven connections of our culture, politics and economies,” said Mutsvangwa.

She added: “We need to rapidly develop our Brics plus markets and link them up. We must have more systematic and concerted market exchanges.”

Mutsvangwa advocated for the expansion of the Brics group from the current five members to build a strong enough global body to topple the West from its current hegemonic position.

“We cannot let the exclusionary nightmare of a solo dash by the West to their 18-19th century industrial revolution oligopoly mercantile practices come back to haunt the global south,” she said.
“The Brics family must continue to expand beyond the current members because of the imperative of extricating the global south from the clutches of predatory trade systems (of the west).”

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