Massive voter turnout in Mbizo Constituency


KWEKWE – – The Mbizo Constituency in Kwekwe District witnessed a remarkable display of civic participation today as a massive number of voters turned out to cast their ballots.

According to the Constituency Elections Officer, Steni Chamunorwa, a total of 21,677 people had voted by 4pm, reflecting a significant surge in voter enthusiasm.

The polling process commenced promptly at 7am across all eight wards of the constituency, with no major disruptions reported throughout the day.

However, Chamunorwa noted that a small fraction of potential voters was unable to participate due to various reasons.

Out of the 126 individuals who were turned away, the majority attempted to vote using forms of identification that were not valid for the electoral process.

Chamunorwa said: “Some people wanted to vote using their driver’s licenses, some had no IDs, some presented expired passports, and others were not on the voters’ roll.”

The presence of assisted voters was also notable during the election.

A total of 278 individuals were assisted to vote, with 137 among them being visually impaired and 141 being illiterate. Out of the assisted voters, 191 were women.

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