Peaceful electoral process ends


KWEKWE Urban and Mbizo Constituencies witnessed a peaceful electoral process today, marked by a remarkable voter turnout, as all polling stations closed promptly at 7pm.

The day-long voting procedure culminated at the Ward 5 Section 3 Play Centre, where Presiding Officer Melusi Sibanda provided insights into the subsequent steps of the electoral process.

Following the closure of polls at 7pm, Ward 5 Presiding Officer explained the course of action for the evening.

He said the first task at hand will be the processing of the three postal votes received.

After processing the postal votes, there will be a 15-minute recess before pre-counting begins.

The pre-counting process will involve sorting the votes into categories of valid and invalid ballots. This meticulous procedure ensures the accuracy and integrity of the election results. Once the pre-counting is completed, the actual vote counting begins, with each vote meticulously tallied.

Following the completion of vote counting, polling officers and party agents will then sign the V11 forms. These forms serve as a crucial confirmation mechanism, ensuring that all parties involved acknowledge the accuracy of the results.

As a testament to the commitment to transparency, the local government election results will be promptly posted outside the polling station.

This step allows citizens and observers to access the information.

On the other hand, House of Assembly results will then be forwarded to the constituency command centre. The command centre will oversee the consolidation and verification of results before they are officially announced to the public.

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