President Mnangagwa confident of election victory, calls for peaceful voting


KWEKWE — Zanu PF First Secretary and President Emmerson Mnangagwa is confident of winning the harmonised elections and urged the electorate to vote in peace.

President Mnangagwa addressed both local and foreign journalists, emphasising his determination to secure the election.
President stated that he would be foolish to believe he would not emerge victorious in the elections.

“If I think I am not going to take it, I would be foolish. Everyone who wants to contest or is going in the race wants to win,” he confidently asserted.

Furthermore, the President highlighted the failure of opposition parties to field a council candidate in the constituency, suggesting that they were apprehensive about the possibility of losing.

“They did not field a councillor because Zanu PF is very strong here. No one would want to lose their money for nothing when they know they will lose. This is where I stay, and it is primarily Zanu PF. Those who have nothing to lose can come forward, while those who are cautious won’t,” President Mnangagwa said.

Reflecting on his own participation in the elections, President Mnangagwa was satisfied with exercising his democratic right to vote. He encouraged all eligible citizens to participate in the electoral process peacefully and responsibly.

“I have done my duty as a citizen of the country, besides who will be the president of this country,”

President Mnangagwa confidently stated. He was satisfied with the high voter turnout, particularly among the youth. The President acknowledged that this election cycle witnessed increased awareness and a significant rise in registered voters compared to previous elections.

“This time around, there was more awareness. There was a huge turnout. This time around, there are more than 6.6 million registered voters, whereas in the last election we had approximately 5 million voters,” President Mnangagwa remarked. He attributed the increased participation to widespread publicity and noted the growing interest among the younger generation to exercise their right to vote.

Accompanied by his wife, Auxilia Mnangagwa, and some of their children, the Zanu PF First Secretary expressed his gratitude for the enthusiasm demonstrated by the electorate. The presence of a large number of voters, including the youth, indicated a strong commitment to the democratic process.

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