Zimbabwe decides 2023


IN sections of Harare West Constituency voters, anticipating a large turnout from among the 6.6 million registered voters, were already at the polling stations before 6am.
The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), in managing the queues, at least at each of the three polling stations visited – Avonlea Primary School, Marlborough District Office and Marlborough High School – had four voting points at each station.
The effect of this queue management was that the longest of the queues observed at each of the three polling stations was 50 people long in the morning.
However, from mid-morning to lunchtime, the longest of the queues had 20 people at a time. This was true of Avonlea Primary School. The longest queue at Marlborough District Office averaged less than 20 by lunchtime, while at Marlborough High School, the longest line of voters was less than 10 people at a time.
Of note was that while in the morning the majority of the voters were people below the age of 40, from mid-morning to lunchtime, there was a noticeable increase in voters aged 50 years and above.
There were no disruptions or incidences at all the three polling stations.

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