Voting ends peacefully in Chinhoyi

Sharon Chikowore


As the Election Day ended in Chinhoyi, the voting process has been described as peaceful with no major glitches.

By the time voting closed at 7pm, Mashonaland West Provincial Elections Officer, Austin Ndhlovu said everything had moved smoothly and they were now geared for the next stage, that of counting.

“Everything has ended well and we are looking forward to polling stations personnel to begin counting their votes now, which is the procedure.

“As soon as they are done the Presiding Officer declares the polling station closed and they start the due process initially of counting the votes,” he said.

Among the Polling stations, one opened at 8:05 am, an hour later and it was acknowledged that they finish in the evening at the very time they started in the morning.

“Yes there is a polling station which started late at 8:05 am and I am monitoring them so that they close the same time they started and as soon they are done they start the counting process,” said Ndhlovu.

Young people were seen in ques waiting to cast votes at many polling stations and in some women had huge numbers compared to men as witnessed at Chinhoyi Primay A polling station and Mapinga Siding Primary in Ward 32 though 80 percent of the stations were dominated by men.
A young voter, Vongai Madzinga, was happy for taking part in these elections and is now, like others, eagerly waiting for the results.

“I came early when most people were still busy in their homes with household chores so that I did not have to wait long in the queues. Everything went well and I am happy I found my name and cast my vote. Since it is a holiday I’m now going home and wait for the results patiently,” said Madzinga.

Three quarters of polling stations by lunch time experienced less movement of people coming to vote.

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