Women, Youth Highlight Poll Processes

Sharon Chigeza


In what has been described as one of the most peaceful polls in Zimbabwe’s elections, women and youths were the major highlight at polling stations across Manicaland.

The province experienced a high voter turn out for first time voters who patiently waited in the lines to cast their vote before polling stations had opened.

Youths and men characterised urban polling stations in Mutare Central Constituency as witnessed at Chinobaka Primary School Ward 17 and Sacred Heart Primary School in the same ward.

For the rural polls in Nyanga North and South, women and the elderly came out in their numbers to exercise their right to vote.

Gogo Esnath Mawera (93) said she was eager to cast her vote as this was a way of preparing a future for her children and grandchildren.
“I may be elderly but as long as I still have the strength in me to walk a few metres to cast my vote I will gladly do so for future generations,” she said.

Nyanga District Elections officer, Maxwell Sunduza applauded the huge turnout of female voters which speaks volumes of their understanding in exercising their right to vote.
“Women have turned out in their numbers and this is quite impressive for the rural electorate. I would also want to applaud the peaceful manner in which the process was conducted throughout the day,” said Sunduza.

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