Beitbridge East MP hits ground running

Staff Reporter


BEITBRIDGE East Member of Parliament (MP) Albert Nguluvhe, has hit the ground
running, soon after taking oath, telling his constituents he will continue development
projects from where he left.
Nguluvhe retained his seat after comfortably seeing off a challenge from construction
mogul and farmer Renatho Ndou of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).
"Now that I have been sworn in after winning elections, and that campaigning is over,
I am fully aware of fhe expectations from my constituency Beitbridge East. These
expectations can vary depending on the specific needs and priorities of the people,
but here are some general expectations that I am fully cognisant of," he said in a
message to his constituency social media group.
"The constituency expects me to effectively represent their interests in Parliament.
This includes raising local issues, advocating for their needs, and speaking up on
their behalf during debates and discussions," he said.
"I am expected to be accessible to the constituents. This includes being available,
responding to inquiries and concerns, and engaging in open dialogue with the
community," said Nguluvhe.
He will also communicate with his constituents keeping them abreast of important
legislative decisions, Government policies, and other relevant developments.
"This can be done through social media updates, meetings, or other communication
channels. I am expected to help the constituents with issues they may encounter,
such as assisting with Government services, addressing grievances, or navigating
bureaucratic processes. This involves actively engaging with constituents to
understand their concerns and finding solutions to their problems," he said.
He promised to actively engage with the constituents by attending community
events, supporting local initiatives at the same time participating in parliamentary
proceedings, including attending sessions, voting on legislation, and engaging in
"I am also expected to represent the constituency's interests while shaping and
influencing national policies," said Nguluvhe who enters his second term as a
national legislator.
"I am expected to be accountable for my actions and decisions. This includes being
transparent about activities, honouring campaign promises, and seeking feedback
from the community," he said.
During his first tenure that ran from 2018 to 2023 before the elections, Nguluvhe, a
cattle farmer donated bulls to each of the nine wards in his constituency, where
animal husbandry is the mainstay.

He assisted in the construction of several schools and clinics using the Constituency
Development Funds for which he gave a blow by blow account of use.
He said he will continue to have his development drive informed by local
development committees and traditional leaders, who make up his development
He, however, lost the urban side of his constituency to the opposition CCC, which
controls the all the three urban seats.
The development of the constituency does not consider political divisions, but
uplifting of Beitbridge East people, together.

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