Binga Orphanage Brings Hope to Communities

Muntuloko Mwembe


FOR some, the term orphanage brings sad memories of a burden in the community. The story of
Kabwe Childrens home under Chief Pashu in Binga has more positive than negative perceptions
in peoples’ minds as the facility has opened doors for development.
The institution that was established in 2014 and home to 21 children with the youngest being six
months while the oldest is 17 years, has created shared infrastructure where the local community
is benefiting.
The Hope Trust and Ministries run an orphanage under the name Kabwe Childrens Home has
drilled a borehole, established Muboola Community Garden where several households are
beneficiaries. It is also planning to build a Skills Training Centre where the children from the
orphanage will be equipped with skills for self-sustenance when they leave the home.
“This will also include youths from the district and beyond as the orphanage is situated within
the people. In fact this is the reason why we chose to bring the orphanage deep in rural areas,”
said Jabulani Mudenda, the founder and Director Hope Trust Zimbabwe.
Apart from shared infrastructure, the orphanage has permanently employed 10 local community
“We have 10 local people and we are set to employ more people when our skills and Vocational
Training Center opens. It is our policy that we consider seeking for skilled personnel elsewhere
when we have none from the local community,” he added.
Speaking to this publication, one woman who preferred anonymity expressed gratitude to Hope
Ministries and Hope Trust Zimbabwe for establishing an orphanage in Pashu as the centre has
also brought with it clean and piped water within their locality.
“Wakatulumina nemba, maanzi mabotu twalinowajanayi kono tunywa mabotu mwayi.” (We are
happy that the facility is in our community, this year has been different as we have access to
clean and piped water courtesy of Kabwe Childrens home).

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