Malulwane the Bat


Dear Papa, you are not a medical doctor
Yours truly is angry right now. Many of my gamus are being misled to their deathbed and my heart is
I visited my gamu (Friend) recently who has not been well for a while, me being Malulwane, with a
big heart I decided to bring my gamu some fruits for vitamin C and maybe to share a cup of coffee
since the weather has not been friendly.
I really wanted to catch up with her because she always gives me some latest from the rumourville.
Last time she told me the latest about the ZPC engineers who fought for a girl at the station. As we
sat down basking as usual and catching up with the latest.
We had breakfast and as a norm I thought my gamu was going to take her usual dosages for after
meals (Tablets). I quickly ran to grab her small bag of pills, but yooo she quickly rubbished my
gesture and said she is no longer taking the daily tablets because she was told by her Papa to stop
taking them. Oh my word. Yours truly has it that a certain Papa claims to be turning in to a medical
expert, only God knows how.
Yours truly has it fresh from the rumourville that this self-proclaimed prophet has been forcing his
congregants who are not well to stop taking medicine prescribed by the doctors.
My gamu who has been taking Anti-retroviral drugs for the past 10 years was told to stop taking
them because she is “delivered” from HIV.
Is he a medical expert, did he study at the medical school? No. Did he go to a school of theology?
again a No. Ok fine, does he have medical experts or health experts to fact check if one is truly
‘delivered’ from any sickness No. My gamu already is deteriorating health wise.
But listen to me you self-proclaimed prophets and listen very carefully, you are not medical doctors.
Doctors treat and God heals, you are neither of the two. Yours truly is not impressed by your
shenanigans. My ears are green because of anger. To you my fellow comrades in gossip, of course
being spiritual is a very good thing, but do not be abused by the men and women of the cloth. Some
beliefs may short change your lifestyle or even make you die prematurely.
In Africa, behind a glittering facade of lavish churches and charismatic preachers, many false
prophets prey upon the vulnerable and desperate. The leaders are wanted for sexual assault and
corruption, among other things, and this fellow prophet in Hwange is slowly becoming a health
threat. Let me bounce, till we meet again next week, bye for now.

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