Masvingo City Councillors sworn in

By Sharon Chimenya


The newly elected Masvingo City Councillors on Friday took their oath of office following the August
23 harmonised election.
Masvingo City has 10 wards in which the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) won nine. The local
authority will have 13 councillor including three women who were nominated through the women’s
Addressing councillors before taking their oaths Masvingo City Town Clerk Engineer Edward
Mukaratirwa said the councillor according to the Urban Councils Act section 47 will take two oaths,
the first being the oath of office and second one being the oath of loyalty.
The councillors will select their mayors and committee chairperson after an induction workshop
which is set for September 15-16.
The Chamber Secretary Vitalis Shonhai said the induction workshop will be held in the city and
letters with detailed information will be sent to them.
Masvingo City Council will for the first time with the introduction of the women quota have five
women to promote the concerns for women and girls.

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