Second Republic doing wonders

By Marsha Sengwe

THE coming in of the Second Republic has been a blessing for Zimbabweans and
foreigners as well.
I have been a resident of this rich but poor province for a good solid 15 years.
From the period stretching from 2008 to 2017 l only saw one big project taking place
across the whole province, which was the construction of the NSSA Complex in 2010.
There after, what l saw has been the closure of companies and people of Mashonaland
Central leaving their province going in search of greener pastures – in this case, other
provinces as well as countries, looking for employment.
For nearly 10 of my years here, up to 2017 there was no visible or significant
development in the province.
Then came 2018 with the ushering in of the new leadership “captained” by President
Emmerson Mnangagwa, the “dead industry is resurrecting”, investors are coming and
stalled projects such as the construction of the significant Semwa Dam between
Rushinga and Mt Darwin have resumed.
The rough and rugged Guruve – Mahuwe Road has been rehabilitated, in the process
giving jobs to youths and many others, who wanted to flee from the province and those
who had fled.
Thanks to President Emmerson Mnangagwa for his great vision. We have great
Farms that were lying unproductive are now being put to use, securing the nation’s food
stocks and cutting down food import bills.
Supported by the Pfumvudza/Intwasa Programme, he introduced, every family now can
stand on its own for some time.
In Shamva, the Second Republic managed to bring back hope to many lives, especially
to Shamva Gold Mine former employees who were idle at home.
The Government managed to revive Shamva Mine, thereby creating at least 200 jobs.
It did the same in Guruve at Eureka Gold Mine, now the community is blooming, money
is circulating as the number of employed people is high.
Efforts to revive G &W industries in Rushinga are at an advanced level.
You really deserved the win. Mr President. Congratulations for retaining that post.
Zimbabwe needs a sober driver like you.
Almost all rural public centres in the province have also been electrified, including
schools and business centres.
Private players are also scrambling to come to the province.
Lately Zimnyama, one of the biggest abattoirs across the country expanded their
Chiweshe abbattoir.
Next week will see the opening of the first manganese factory in the province, Tong Hui
Pvt Ltd.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Tong Hui is now connected to the
powerline and is undergoing test runs for the plant with engineers from China and local
smelting companies. The exercise ran since last week.
The company uses chrome lumps as raw material. It will be using 2000 tonnes of
chrome lumps and 1500 chrome fines per month, sourced locally from Mutorashanga
and Darwendale small-scale miners.
However, they have raised concerns regarding the low production levels by the small-
scale miners as it will greatly impact on the machinery once it is fully operational.
The company is incurring high cost of electricity of 11 cents per kilowatt compared to its
competitors being charged 8.48cents per kilowatt.
According to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce September report: “This is very
high as the industry is power-intensive. The company has applied to be a member of
the Alloy Members Union in order to enjoy reduced electricity charges and is awaiting

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