Young businessman scoops Top Award

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IF life begins at 40, as the old adage says, Mike Maluleke (37) of Chikwarakwara
Village, 130 kilometres east of Beitbridge Town, has built his firm foundation to start
And just three years shy of 40, to his advantage, a head start in style is what he may
have struck.
Away from his village, where technology is yet to bloom fully, and in the border town
where he now works and lives, Maluleke has set up a computer shop steadfastly
bridging the gap between urban and his rural folk in Information and Communication
He is rolling out N Computing technology that saves electricity, maximises the use of
personal computer servers and allows use of a single computer by up to 10 people
reducing costs of computer distribution.
Maluleke believes his approach can be used to roll out ICT to all rural schools, even
the remotest, considering his new approach sees a small petrol generator running
more than 30 computers.
His 12 years work has not gone unnoticed.
And June 9 2023 was telling.
He was awarded Best Youth Small and Medium Enterprises Businessman of The
Year in Matabeleland South Province, setting the tone for reaching his 40th birthday.
The stage where he received his recognition was grand and befitting his
entrepreneurial journey.
Maluleke was crowned at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair arena in
Zimbabwe's second largest city of Bulawayo.
On the day he hit a double, winning the award and being promoted from a Micro to a
Small Enterprise.
The Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises Development grades its
businesspeople from micro, small to large enterprises basing on size and impact of
the ventures.
In brief, that's what Malukeke has done from his shop along Granite Road in
Beitbridge central business district.
Vusumuzi Siduli Beitbridge District Development Officer in the Ministry of Women's
Affairs, Small and Medium Enterprises Development, said Maluleke deserved his

He said there is no reason why Beitbridge should lag in ICT development with
people like Maluleke around.
"Mike is gifted. He surprised delegates at the awards function when he demonstrated
new-cost effective methods of rolling out computers. His method showed how it can
be so easy to roll out ICT to remote areas using the smallest of generators," said
"He made Beitbridge proud and people should make use of him to bridge the
technology gap between rural and urban areas. Maluleke has helped many
community groups," said Siduli.
There is no reason why schools should not have computer laboratories with people
like Maluleke around, Siduli said.
Maluleke said his company is an entrepreneurial entity providing ITC services,
Internet Cafe, Computer Training, Computer Workshop hardware repairs and
"We also sell computer products and consumables, basically we are an all- rounder
computer shop, which does everything related to ICT.
"We are also opening centres to provide service to villages and we are working with
schools on that while we also work with companies, shops for their WIFI and other
related technologies advancement," he said.
His company has also worked with companies that built Zimbabwe's new look border
post at Beitbridge, apart from several wildlife management, citrus fruits farming and
shipping organisations in Beitbridge and its precincts.
"Some farmers have been funding the installations of computers in rural schools and
I am happy to have been considered for those assignments. I have set up many
computer laboratories for schools deep in rural areas," he said.
He said old school associations and groups wishing to plough back to their schools
could make use of his company with capacity to supply affordable and efficient
As community development initiative, Malukeke is installing a computer laboratory at
the Donsa Community pre-school, where villagers will have access to 10 points to
use ICT from.

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