Zimbabwe to celebrate Senior Citizens Day

GWERU — After a delay caused by the harmonised elections, Zimbabwe will now celebrate World
Senior Citizens Day on October 1.
Originally scheduled for August 21, the celebrations were postponed to ensure that the focus
remained on the crucial electoral process. The Association for Senior Citizens Communities (ASCC)
will now honour the elderly population and recognise their significant contributions to the nation's
The ASCC said that preparations are underway for the festivities, which will take place at various
venues across the country.
"In Zimbabwe, we celebrate our Senior Citizens Day on 1st October. The day is intended to
appreciate our elders for what they contributed to our country economically. This day is also
intended to increase awareness of the factors and issues that affect older adults, such as health and
potential abuse," stated the ASCC.
Zimbabwe has implemented several laws to safeguard the rights and well-being of older persons.
The Older Persons Act (Chapter 17:11) and various sections of the Constitution of Zimbabwe,
including Sections 21, 30, 81, and 83, provide legal protections for senior citizens.
These laws aim to ensure that older adults are treated with dignity and respect, with provisions
covering areas such as healthcare, social welfare, and prevention of abuse.
ASCC said it will bring awareness to the tax legislation that provides various concessions and
exemptions for elderly persons. These tax measures are designed to offer relief and support to the
senior population.
The ASCC aims to educate older adults and the public about the tax concessions available to them,
which are primarily in the form of exemptions and credits. These concessions are outlined in the
Income Tax Act (Chapter 23:06), Finance Act (Chapter 23:04), and Capital Gains Tax Act (Chapter
According to the ASCC, individuals who are 55 years or older are eligible for these tax benefits. The
concessions are intended to alleviate the financial burden on elderly persons.
“The upcoming celebrations on October 1 will be a significant occasion for Zimbabweans to come
together and honour their senior citizens. It will provide an opportunity to express gratitude for their
contributions to the nation's development while also addressing the challenges they face and
reaffirming the commitment to their well-being,” said Sekuru Tapfumaneyi of Mtapa high density
suburb, in Gweru.

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