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Ilanga Provincial Newspapers

Early Christmas for Gwanda old people


THE elderly at Gwanda Old People's Home last weekend had an early Christmas
present comprising groceries, water facilities and toiletries from United African
Apostolic Church (UAAC).

As if to honour them for their longevity and lifetime teachings the senior inmates
received gifts consisting 100kg maize-meal, sugar, soya chunks, beans, bathing
soap, buckets, blankets among other goodies, as well as a water pump to revive
their nutrition garden.

The over-subscribed party saw elders slicing the cake, as they started reminisced
about the good old days in song and dance.

It was a marvel to watch as UAAC congregants gave support to the elders who were
already in high spirits.

An African idiom that “a child should look after its parents when they grow old” was
exhibited as UAAC corporate social responsibility put smiles on the old people’s

The early Christmas gifts for the elders, is an idea of UAAC Ambassador Yenzani
Dube, who hold a strong belief in giving back to the community.

He said his actions were derived from the Biblical verses in Acts 20:35 which reads
in part, “It is more blessed to give than to receive”.

His generosity has also seen two students from Tshanyaugwe and Selonga
respectively, securing their schools fees, stationary and uniforms.

In an interview with Ilanga Dube said asserted that he is driven by cultural upbringing
and biblical teachings.

I strongly believe that helping older people gives one a plethora of blessings. One is
blessed by parents before being blessed God. The Bible also asserts that one
should help his neighbour before serving God. I chose to help elders here because
they do not have any power to work for themselves.

Together, with two students that I take care of for their academic journey, we went
to the elders whose place is now my second home. I pray for long-life so that this
family I chose should enjoy the fruits of my life, Dube said.

One of the old people, 91-year-old Niton Moyo could not contain his happiness as he
leapt up with joy and sang deeply thankful of the goodies.

"I hardly see nor hear properly, but today, I was taken over by the wave and sang
because I am truly happy and grateful. May God continue to bless them and
increase their life-time," he said.

Speaking at the hand-over ceremony, member of the National Executive Council of
UAAC, Nelufhangani Solomon, related the impact of helping people.
"A number of church dominions preach about giving back to the community. Today
we are delighted that our church, UAAC, is putting all the teachings into practice. Our
Archbishop lMureri is on record preaching the issue of giving. He usually quotes the
book of Philippians 4:17, which emphasises giving without getting or expecting any
profit. Together with Ambassador Dube, we are working round-the-clock to ensure
that Bible teachings yield practical results," he said.
The local leadership is convinced that such gestures are an eye-opener to each and
every citizen of Gwanda.
Gwanda Mayor, Councillor Thulani Moyo, who graced the occasion, challenged the
church and other citizens to ensure the home of old people is brought back to its
glorious days.
"This is an eye-opener to everyone out there. This is the form of development and
upliftment that we anticipate. Now our elders have acquired these goodies, we like to
extend our esteemed gratitude to UAAC for this. We are now challenging the church
to extend rooms so that elderly people find a place to reside. It is our priority as the
council to ensure that this place acquires every council services, without hindrance,"
he said
Gwanda Old People’s Home houses nine elder people, among them is a centurion
Agnes Ndlovu (102).

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