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Chinhoyi to implement solar project


Chinhoyi(The Telegraph-New Ziana) -The Chinhoyi City Council plans to install a solar system to power its operations which include pumping domestic and industrial water after being adversely affected by the persistent electricity cuts.

City of Chinhoyi chamber secretary Chinhoyi Mr Abel Gotora told a budget consultative meeting held recently at the Chinhoyi Hall that council wanted to embark on the project as it did not know when the water levels at Lake Kariba will get back to normal.

“Since we do not know when the power generation at Kariba will get back to normalcy and if it will rain this coming season. So as council we were planning on embarking on a solar project. But for solar to power our machinery we need many of them, a field of solar systems,” he said.

“The field of solar systems is said to be costing $6 million so what it means is, we as residents of Chinhoyi we should play our part so that we may make this project a reality,” said Gotora.

Zimbabwe is facing severe power outages due to reduced generating capacity at Kariba dam water levels are low following a drought last year.

The Chinhoyi city council is holding consultative meetings as it prepares to draw up the 2020 budget.

During the meeting, residents urged council to prioritize them when allocating stands instead of people come from faraway places.

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