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Chirumanzu drills 11 boreholes


Chirumanzu, (The Times-New Ziana) – Chirumanzu residents’ water woes are expected to come to an end as the local council has plans to drill boreholes as part of efforts to ensure that people have access to clean water.

Chirumanzu Rural District Council Chief Executive Officer Lovermore Chatikobo said the local authority intended to drill 11 boreholes in the area, and contracts had already been signed.

“We have already paid the contractors to start work as soon as possible,” he said.

Chatikobo said the area currently has major water challenges with residents failing to access clean water.

“The situation is a mess as people are not accessing clean water, thereby putting them at risk of contracting diseases, so we have decided that these boreholes should be sunk as soon as possible to avert disaster.

“The 11 boreholes are just the beginning, we will need more as the population continues to grow,” he added.

Chatikobo said priority would be given to areas which have more critical water challenges.

“We saw it fit that we check our wards first and see which ones are suffering the most and that is where we start drilling our boreholes.

“The most affected will need attention first and that is the only fair selection,” Chatikobo said.

A number of rural areas in the country face acute water challenges.
The Times-New Ziana

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