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Gaika Mine targets to produce 5 kg gold monthly


Kwekwe(The Times-New Ziana) -Gaika Gold Mine in Kwekwe, Midlands province has undergone rehabilitation and is set to commence production anytime soon with expectations of producing five kilograms of the precious metal per month.

The mine, which has not been operating for close to 20 years and had been taken over by illegal miners, has been rehabilitated after security forces stepped in to remove the panners, thereby restoring order.

The Midlands Provincial Joint Operations Command (JOC) led by Provincial Affairs Minister Larry Mavima which visited the mine recently heard from Duration Gold Limited acting country projects manager Allen Mashingaidze that it would resume operations soon with a strong security team to deal with illegal miners.

“We are putting down a strong security that will assume security of the mine. Currently we have hired the services of a security company and we are going to back it with Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and a double fenced electric fence,” he said.

Mashingaidze said the mine had a short term plan of producing 160 tonnes of gold ore a day and 5 kg gold per month.

Meanwhile Mavima expressed concern over delays by the mine to commence production, warning management to either shape up or ship out.

“I am concerned by the delays taking place. I wonder what is stopping you from coming up with a proper strategic plan that has a security and production plan,” he queried.

“Government is not there to provide security to independent companies. You better come up with a solid plan quickly. Local people are supposed to be benefiting from the mine which is a major tool in the devolution process. You have to act fast and start production,” he said.

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