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GCC implements tight water rationing schedule


Staff Reporter

GWERU City Council has released a tight water rationing schedule that will have some areas go for an average of four days a week without water.

The schedule has grouped residential areas into five groups that will receive water on different days.

The grouping is mainly based on geographic location with residential suburbs near each other sharing similar days.

According to the schedule, Ridgemont, Hertfordshire and Northgate Heights will entirely depend on the availability of power at Clonsila pump station.

The rationing schedule has resulted in residents queuing at various boreholes in the city in search of the precious liquid.

In a recent statement, Town Clerk Ms Elizabeth Gwatipedza said only two out of nine pumps were functioning at Gwenoro treatment plant, thereby affecting production of water.

She said the total volume of water pumped to the city had reduced to between 20 and 23 mega litres per day out of a possible 60 mega litres per day.

The pumping capacity challenges faced by council has resulted in high lying areas adversely affected and would go for days without water.

Both the Town Clerk and Mayor Councillor Josiah Makombe urged residents to use water sparingly as council tries to solve the problem.

Council, has engaged mining giant Unki Mines for the lease of a water pump to the local authority.

Council, Cllr. Makombe said, will in the meantime switch from Gwenoro to Amapongokwe as water levels in the former have dwindled

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