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Grain producer prices reviewed


Harare (New Ziana) – The government has increased the grain producer price to ZWL $4 000 per tonne with immediate effect and called on farmers who still have excess stock to deliver to the Grain Marketing Board (GMB).

The government buys grain from farmers through the GMB.

“The Grain Marketing Board advises that the government increased the producer prices for maize and traditional grains namely sorghum, millet and rapoko to RTGS $4 000 up from RTGS $2 100,” the GMB said in a statement on Sunday.

“GMB is encouraging farmers who still have grain to take advantage of the new price and urgently deliver their crop to their nearest depot.”

Last week, the government liberalised the importation of grain, allowing individuals and corporates with free funds to import unlimited quantities of grain into the country.

This was done to complement government efforts of ensuring adequate food reserves in light of the drought induced food insecurity.

Those intending to import grain have to first obtain the required import licenses from relevant authorities.

The country needs an estimated 800 000 tonnes of maize imports to cover the gap up to the next harvesting season, and Government has assured the nation that no one will starve.

The country’s grain requirements stand at 1.8 million tonnes.
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