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Machete wielding thugs invade Mtapa


Gweru (The Times-New Ziana) – Residents of the Gweru suburb of Mtapa are living in fear as it had been invaded by machete wielding hooligans popularly known as “Mashurugwi.”

The menacing illegal gold panners have reportedly killed and robbed innocent people in gold mining towns of Shurugwi and Kwekwe.

Speaking during a residents meeting held at Mtapa Hall, Pastor David Chikore, who is the director of Gweru United Progressive Residents and Development Association, said Mtapa is now not safe for habitation.

He said his association was ready to work with residents in decreasing the high crime rate and return to the glory days of the suburb.

“We want to return the glory of Mtapa to its old good reputation and make it a safe place for the residents,” he said.

Residents in the suburb have complained that gold panners were giving residents anxious moments even in their own homes as they invaded and terrorised them.

More than 500 households in the area have signed a petition directed at Member of Parliament for Gweru Urban, Brian Dube to have all illegal gold panners evicted from the suburb.

Dube said his office received the petition and had decided to call for a meeting with the residents so that they map the way forward.

Dube said the residents should work together and find the root of the problem before pin pointing each other.

“Makorokozas are living in our houses as tenants, which is not bad, but the problem arises when you rent out houses to people you do not have information on,” he said.

“I urge residents to follow the right and correct channels of landlord and tenant agreement of signing affidavits before letting any stranger rent houses. By signing you will have all the information about the person you are giving space in homes.”

The business community said they were also living in fear of makorokoza as they are also terrorising them in beer drinking places and shops.
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