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Man imprisoned for raping minor relative


Masvingo October 30, 2019 (Masvingo Star –New Ziana) –A 22-yer-old man from Bhuka, about 20 kilometers south of Masvingo town was recently jailed for one year after being convicted of raping a minor who is his relative in July this year.

The man pleaded not guilty when he appeared before Masvingo regional magistrate, Dambudzo Malunga, claiming that he and the girl were lovers and had consensual sex.

Malunga, however, slapped him with two years imprisonment, one of which he suspended on condition of good behaviour.

Agreed facts were that the man was the minor’s nephew and they stayed together.

On July 14 this year at around 4 pm, the minor arrived home from school and found her nephew at alone.

The nephew proposed love to the girl and she turned him down.

On the same day around midnight, the nephew entered the minor’s room which was closed but not locked.

He then proceeded to the bed where the girl was sleeping, pulled the blanket that she was covering herself with and she woke up.

The man then covered her to prevent her from shouting for help and raped her once.

After the rape, the man threatened to assault the girl if she revealed the matter to anyone and left the room.

On July 9 this year at around 1 am the nephew entered the minor’s room and pulled away the blanket she was covering herself with, choked and raped her.

During the act, the minor’s aunt entered the room and the man jumped out of the bed naked and ran away.

Asked what had been going on, the girl kept quiet but the nephew shouted that they had just finished having sexual intercourse.

The aunt took the minor to the dining room where she examined her before reporting the matter to the police on the same day leading to the man’s arrest.

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