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Man rapes employer’s sister in lieu of wages


Chivi (Masvingo Star-New Ziana) – A Chivi man who raped his former employer’s sister as compensation for his outstanding dues has been sentenced to 18 years imprisonment by a Masvingo magistrate.

Solomon Chikono, (25), of Mavuto Village, Headman Watungwa, Chief Chivi, who has previous rape convictions was convicted on his own plea of guilty by regional magistrate Dambudzo Malunga on charges of raping his former employer’s sister after failing to get his outstanding wages.

He raped the girl twice on the same night with each of the two counts attracting a sentence of nine years, with six months suspended for each count.

A further two years of the total sentence were conditionally suspended for five years, giving Chikono an effective 16 years and six months behind bars.

The State, led by Edwin Mbavarira, said that on the night of May 7 this year, Chikono forced his way through a window into the complainant’s bedroom where she was sleeping with her three minor siblings.

Chikono, who was formerly employed at the complainant’s homestead, told the court that he had gone to the complainant’s place to claim outstanding remunerations from the complainant’s sister, but was told that she was not around.

He then demanded sexual intercourse from his employer’s sister in exchange for the outstanding pay, which he forcibly got twice.

Medical reports produced in the court confirmed that the girl had sexual intercourse and had lost her virginity.

The complainant did not scream for help or run away as Chikono had threatened to kill her, three minor children and her grandmother.

Malunga said people like Chikono deserve lengthy sentences as they are a threat to the community, especially young women.

Masvingo Star-New Ziana

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