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Mutasa Cemetery in sorry state


Gweru(The Times-New Ziana) -The Gweru City Council run Mutasa cemetery is in a sorry state at a time when burial space is fast running out.

The situation comes amid reports that the council plans to increase graveyard tariffs by over 90 percent.

Speaking at a budget consultation meeting at the Gweru Civic Centre, acting finance director Owen Masimba said council had plans to demarcate and revamp Mutasa cemetary.

“We are making plans to have demarcations at Mutasa cemetery which are going to be divided according to cost of the graves and to extend it since it is running out of burial space,” he said.

“Other problems that we have to deal with are those of the water system, durawall, shades, roads and wheelchair pathways.”

Council plans to renovate and extend the 15-year span cemetery which is ideal for most residents as it is located close to the Central Business District.

Residents who spoke to The Times expressed disappointment at the dying state of the cemetery.

“The road is very bad at the cemetery and there is no gate at the entrance, no water, no shades, and you can hardly locate your loved ones because of the uncut grass that is now taller than most tombstones.”

“Council should take action fast as the rain season is fast approaching and the roads need to be worked on,” said Tanatswa Sibanda from Mkoba 5.

Mutasa is the second cemetery in Gweru that is likely to be decommissioned after Mtapa due to shortage of burial space.

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