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President Mnangagwa commends Zimbabwean diasporans


Cape Town(New Ziana)-President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Tuesday praised Zimbabweans living abroad for their contribution to the country’s economy through diaspora remittances.

Speaking at a dinner hosted in his honor by the Zimbabwe diaspora business forum on arrival for the World Economic Forum (WEF) on Africa here, President Mnangagwa said the role played by Zimbabweans living and working in other countries was indispensable.

“As a Government, we recognize and appreciate the contributions you the Zimbabweans in the diaspora continue to make towards the growth of our economy, through remittances and general support to your families,” he said.

He appreciated the contributions made by diasporans to alleviate the suffering of Zimbabweans that were affected by the devastating Cyclone Idai in Manicaland province and some parts of Masvingo.

“More recently, when parts of the country were struck by Tropical Cyclone Idai, we were overwhelmed by the unprecedented support we received from you and other Zimbabwean diasporas, to mitigate the suffering of the affected communities.

“This culture of Ubuntu embedded in us, reinforces that we all remain Zimbabweans, one people, brothers and sisters, no matter where we may be,” he said.

He urged the diasporans to invest back home as well as luring foreign investors into the Zimbabwean economy.

”You in the diaspora have a huge role to play in our quest to become an upper middle economy by 2030. It is therefore incumbent upon you to harness your individual and collective potential to help the modernisation, industrialisation and economic growth of our country, he said adding: “The skills, competencies, experience as well as networks you have gained whilst on these foreign lands must be utilised to leapfrog and drive our development agenda”.

He said diasporans should disregards reports that there was no rule of law in Zimbabwe due to the way authorities handled past opposition protests.

“You were telling me that some investors are so shy that one bullet sound sends money running away. Rule of law requires that sometimes order is brought about by some sound,” he said.

The President said plans were underway to hold a Diaspora Homecoming conference in April 2020.

“I once again invite you to invest back home across all sectors at every level; bring anchor investors home and continue to market the country as a safe destination for investment, trade and tourism,” he said.

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