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Sons kill father over suspected witchcraft


Mwenezi(Masvingo Star-New Ziana) –Two South Africa based brothers are on the run after fatally assaulting their father a fortnight ago in Mwenezi, Masvingo province, accusing him of practicing witchcraft.

Masvingo provincial police spokesperson chief inspector Charity Mazula who confirmed the incident, said Nelson Tomu (55) of Hlunganiso village, chief Mazekeze in Mwenezi arrived home from the local business centre around midnight and found his two sons Clayton Moyo (22) and Layton Moyo (20) waiting for him.

The two men had arrived from South Africa that night and hid in the house.

When Tomu arrived home, the two confronted and accused him of using white, black and red pieces of cloth for purposes of witchcraft.

They ordered Tomu to produce the pieces of cloth and other paraphernalia they alleged he was using for witchcraft but he failed to produce the items.

This incensed the two sons who then set upon their father with a sjambok and when Tomu eventually fell to the ground, they continued to whip him.

After trying and failing to restrain the enraged sons Tomu’s wife Ketiwe Muza (31) ran to a nearby homestead to seek help but failed to get any and on returning home, she found Tomu dead while Clayton and Layton had fled the scene.

Neighbours came to the homestead the following day and reported the incident to Mwenezi police who attended the scene and ferried Tomu’s body to Neshuro District Hospital for a post mortem.

Chief inspector Mazula said the police had launched a man hunt for the two suspected murderers.

She urged members of the public to seek mediation of community elders, traditional and church leaders or the police to assist in solving such misunderstandings instead of taking the law into their own hands, often with ghastly consequences such as loss of life.

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