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Supreme Court reserves judgement in MDC leadership wrangle


Harare(New Ziana)-The Supreme Court on Wednesday reserved judgement in the case in which the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) led by Nelson Chamisa is appealing against the High Court ruling that he was not the legitimate leader of the main opposition party.

Recently an MDC supporter approached the High Court arguing that Thokozani Khupe was the only elected vice president when then MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai died.

The High Court then ruled that Khupe was the bonafide leader of the MDC-T because she was the only elected deputy when Tsvangirai passed on, and automatically became the acting president.

Chamisa contends that he was appointed acting president during a meeting convened by the party’s secretary general a day after the death of Tsvangirai.

Khupe’s lawyer, Professor Lovemore Madhuku said the court should decide whether or not what happened after Tsvangirai’s death was lawful.

“The appeal was brought in by MDC T led by Nelson Chamisa and they were arguing that the High Court was wrong in its conclusions.

“On the other hand, we were saying that the High Court was correct and its decision was more or less what the position was. Court has reserved judgement so they are going to look at all what we have been discussing and then come up with a decision,” he said.

Madhuku said the appeal was a contest for the leadership of the MDC on what ought to have happened after the death of Tsvangirai last year.

“We were arguing that when he died, our client Khupe ought to have become acting president, the other side says no, what happened then was correct that they had a meeting on 15 February 2018 which brought in Chamisa.

“The court is not being called to say which group is MDC, they are saying whether what happened was lawful when it happened,” he said.

MDC secretary for elections Jacob Mafume said his party maintained that Chamisa was lawfully elected to be its leader.

“Remember it was in the High Court where a decision was made and that decision had ramifications and it’s a decision that we appealed.

“We were basically appealing. The basic point is that this is water under the bridge, the parties have gone their separate ways, congresses have been held, and acting president Chamisa was lawfully elected at congress,” he said.

Mafume said leadership of the MDC would not be determined by a court.

“We are arguing over spilt milk, something that has already been overtaken by many events,” he said.

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