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Watch out for snakes in this heat – Experts


Nigeria (New Ziana)-The Environment and Safety Management Institute (ESMI) has warned communities to watch out for snakes which are on the prowl due to the heatwave and high temperatures being experienced throughout the region.

ESMI is an international professional body that exists to provide high quality, cost-effective internationally recognised and excellent environment and safety management services.

In a statement, ESMI urged the public not to leave windows open for too long as snakes such as cobras and mambas can reach places that are very high.

ESMI also urged the public to clear bushes around houses since they attract rats and mice which are the favorite meals for the most dangerous snakes.

“Due to the heatwave and high temperatures, snakes, especially cobras, seek refuge in cooler places like inside homes,” it said.

It said snakes became very active during high temperatures and got agitated and angry very fast.
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