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Zim slams continued Israeli occupation of Palestine


Zimbabwe on Thursday slammed the continued occupation of Palestinian territory by Israel which has resulted in unending displacement of its citizens in blatant violation of international law.

Speaking at the 71st Commemorations of Palestine’s AlNakba Day,
Acting Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister, Cain Mathema
described as a “horrible scenario,” the goings on in the Gaza Strip
and West Bank where Israel continued to annex parts of Palestine.

“Nakba” is an Arabic word for “catastrophe” or “disaster”.
Nakba Day is observed on 15 May every year and commemorates the
displacement of Palestinians when the Israeli state was founded in
1948, in the aftermath of the Second World War.

The day helps Palestine to remind the world of the occasion where
over 15 000 Palestinians were killed and over 800 000 displaced
by Israel, a development that continues to this day.

“It is Zimbabwe’s firm belief that the displaced Palestinians have the
right of return to Palestinian territory which they justly consider
their homeland,” said Mathema.

“There is also urgent need to resolve the Israeli/Palestine question
through the two-state solution whereby the state of Palestine lives
alongside Israel.”

He said it was imperative that United Nations resolutions regarding
the Israeli/Palestine crisis be respected and implemented.
He said Zimbabwe had “unblinking solidarity with the Palestinian
people in their quest for freedom, peace and self-determination” and
will continue to support all global efforts to resolve the crisis.

Palestine Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Taghrid Senouar said continued
Israeli actions against her compatriots which included displacement,
seizure of Palestinian territory and arrests of minors amounted to war

“Violations are continuing in defiance of international law,” she said.
“The current situation in Palestine is very critical and highly
volatile. A war is being imposed on us politically, economically and

Senouar said Israel’s illegal actions were “emboldened by the current
US administration which relocated its embassy to Jerusalem” and shut
down Palestinian representation in Washington.
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