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Zim to launch a reviewed CAMPFIRE concept


Zimbabwe is set to launch a reviewed
edition of its Community Areas Management Programme for Indigenous
Resources (CAMPFIRE), in a bid to ensure that communities living with
wildlife reap huge benefits, an official has said.

Director general of the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management
Authority Fulton Mangwanya told the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee
on Environment and Tourism that the current CAMPFIRE model had only
benefited Rural District Councils, which were abusing the proceeds.

“Zimbabwe has a functional framework such as the CAMPFIRE. It was
reviewed and is expected to be re-launched anytime from now so that it
benefits the communities because of late, Campfire was benefiting the
Rural District Councils, the money was failing to go down to the
communities,” he said.

Mangwanya added: “So the re-launching will see the communities
benefiting and developing in terms of clinics and roads because the
monies were being used for salaries for the Rural District Councils.”

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