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Embrace ZiG currency for economic stability


THE announcement of the introduction of the new structured currency, Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG) notes and coins, set to start circulating on April 30, marks a significant milestone in the country’s economic landscape.

With the aim of restoring stability and trust in the monetary system, this move is a positive step towards addressing the currency volatility that has plagued Zimbabwe in the past.

As the familiar old notes are set to be phased out by the end of the month, it is crucial for the general populace to embrace the new ZiG currency for its potential to instill confidence and reliability in financial transactions. Already we have seen some people and quarters –the usual prophets of doom- doing their best to discredit the new currency even before it has been introduced.

This is the time that we as Zimbabweans should rally behind government efforts to stabilise the economy by welcoming the new currency as relying on the United States dollar is not sustainable in the long run. We need to have confidence in our currency.

Those prophets of doom are the ones who are illegally exporting funds causing an upsurge in exchange rates. Other countries like Mozambique, Zambia, South Africa, Botswana and Malawi who our neighbours have embraced their local currencies such that they do not want to even hear of the greenback.

One can not trade in these countries using the greenback as people prefer to trade in their local currencies which is something that we as Zimbabweans should learn from. If our currency goes down it will be our people who suffer the most and we somehow seem to take joy in that.

The decision to back the currency with gold, a valuable and stable commodity with a rising market value, reflects a strategic approach to safeguarding the country’s economic interests.

It is imperative that the monetary authorities prioritise building and maintaining trust in the new currency to ensure its sustainability in the long run.

Transparency, effective communication, and prudent economic policies will be essential in garnering public acceptance and support for the Zimbabwe Gold backed currency.

The introduction of the ZiG currency presents an opportunity for Zimbabwe to chart a new course towards economic prosperity and stability. By leveraging the strength of gold prices in the international market, the country can potentially insulate itself from the currency fluctuations that have hindered economic growth in the past.

As we look ahead to the official circulation of the Zimbabwe Gold currency, let us remain hopeful that this initiative will pave the way for a more resilient and prosperous economic future for the nation.

In a proactive approach to address potential misconceptions and ensure a smooth transition to the ZiG currency, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Governor, Dr. John Mushayavanhu, and his team have been actively engaging with communities across the country.

Their efforts to educate the public and foster acceptance of the ZiG currency are commendable steps towards building confidence in the new monetary system.

As Dr. Mushayavanhu rightly emphasises, confidence is the linchpin of any successful currency regime.

It is imperative that the policies and frameworks introduced in the recent Monetary Policy Statement are not just short-term fixes but sustainable solutions that can withstand economic challenges over the long term.

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