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Maid jailed for 15 years for infecting boy (8) with STI


Dumisani Ndlovu

GWERU — A 20-year-old housemaid was sentenced to 15 years in prison for sexually abusing her employer’s eight-year-old son and infecting him with a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI).

Sitholokuhle Nyathi of Senga was found guilty of two counts of aggravated indecent assault by Regional Magistrate Christopher Maturure, after pleading guilty to both counts during a full trial.

In her plea for leniency, Nyathi cited her prolonged period without anyone to satisfy her sexual desires as a contributing factor to her actions.

The court was left in disbelief as Nyathi explained that she committed the heinous crime due to her unmet sexual needs. Despite her plea for mercy, the magistrate handed down a 15-year prison sentence.

Nyathi’s situation was further complicated by her role as the sole breadwinner for her child and ailing paternal aunt. Her plea for leniency based on these circumstances did not sway the court’s decision, highlighting the gravity of the crimes committed against the young victim.

On the first count, Nyathi, who shared a room with the boy in the spare bedroom, not only fondled the child’s private parts but also engaged in unprotected sexual intercourse with the Grade 2 minor.

Using a manipulative tactic, Nyathi exploited the boy’s innocence and vulnerability on another occasion by waking him up, citing the cold weather, and inviting him to share blankets with her. It was during this encounter that she once again succumbed to her sexual desires and sexually abused the young victim.

Despite the traumatic experiences, the boy remained silent about the abuse, choosing not to disclose the incidents to anyone. It was only when he visited his aunt for the school holiday in Kwekwe on March 30 that the abuse came to light.

During a visit to the toilet, the aunt noticed that the boy’s urine was discolored and blood-stained. Alarmed by this discovery, she promptly took him to a local clinic for testing and treatment. The results revealed that the young boy had contracted a sexually transmitted disease (STD), prompting further investigation into the cause.

Upon questioning, the boy bravely disclosed the horrific abuse he had suffered at the hands of the maid while in Gweru.

Following the discovery of the sexual abuse and the young victim’s subsequent disclosure, the aunt promptly contacted the boy’s mother to inform her of the distressing situation. A police report was swiftly filed at Senga Police Station, leading to the arrest of the maid, who had committed the egregious acts against the child.

During the court proceedings, the Public Prosecutor, Sibangani Dube, highlighted the severity of the crimes committed by Nyathi, emphasising the aggravating circumstances surrounding the case.
Dube said Nyathi, as an employee of the victim’s parents, was not only entrusted with the care of the child but also held a position of authority over him.

“The accused took advantage of the minor’s vulnerability and, in an aggravating manner, indecently assaulted him,” stated Dube.

“By engaging in unlawful and intentional unprotected sexual intercourse with an eight-year-old minor, the accused not only breached the trust placed in her by her employers but also abused her authority in the most despicable manner.”

Dube further elaborated on the profound impact of Nyathi’s actions on the young victim, highlighting the physical, emotional, and lasting psychological scars inflicted upon him.

“What makes the crime more aggravating is that the accused infected the complainant with an STI putting the minor at risk of contracting other related diseases, hence a stiffer deterrent sentence is the only option to such an illegal act,” he said.

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