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Improper waste disposal irks Gweru City Council


Gweru(The Times-New Ziana) -The Gweru City Council is concerned with the rampant disposal of sanitary wear and other objects into the sewer system resulting in blockages.

Council communications and public relations officer Vimbai Chingwaramusee urged residents to desist from the practice of throwing foreign objects into the sewage system.

She said blockages led to the development of artificial floods and pools around the city.

“People are throwing pampers, clothes and dead animals into the sewage drainage systems, which results in blockages at a time we are heading towards the rainy season,” she said.

“These blockages prevent proper flow of sewer in the system because as the objects increase they cause blockage.”

Chingwaramusee urged residents to dumping waste at designated sites.

“We are encouraging our residents to properly dispose pads and pampers according to health standards whereby one has to tie up the sanitary wear in a plastic bag and put in a bin so that when garbage collectors come they take it away,” she said.

“The blockage of sewage pipes can start as minor issues but when it starts raining they can quickly escalate into major problems,” she said.

Gweru experiences sewer bursts in most high density suburbs where dumping of foreign objects in the sewerage system is rampant.

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