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Zimasco accused of damaging Kwekwe roads


Kwekwe, (The Times New-Ziana) –The Zimbabwe Mining and Smelting Company (Zimasco) is being accused of damaging the road from Mvuma to its plant in Kwekwe and not doing anything to rehabilitate it.

The issue came out during the 10th Kwekwe Expo Business Conference where some residents called on Zimasco to upgrade the road that its heavy trucks use to transport over 30 tons of chrome ore to its Kwekwe plant.

The trucks use Mvuma road, turn into Faraday Street then to Mbizo road where the Zimasco Kwekwe plant is situated.

“There has been an outcry about heavy trucks that are damaging the road, so as part of your corporate social responsibility, why is Zimasco not rehabilitating the road,” asked a participant at the conference.

Former Kwekwe mayor Alderman Matenda Madzoke added: “Heavy trucks carrying an excess of 30 tons of chrome ore that ply the Mvuma Road, Faraday Street and Mbizo Road are indeed damaging the road.”

In his response, Zimasco group chief executive officer John Musekiwa said his company trucks did not use the road, as it uses rail to transport raw materials and products for export markets.

Musekiwa said in terms of infrastructure development, the company would consider road repairs when its finances improve.

“Zimasco does not have such trucks plying that route. Ore coming from mines all come by rail. We are running the East plant so the use of trucks is minimum.

“We acknowledge the problem being alluded to, we need to work together with the companies using the road and come up with a solution and improve the condition of the road.”

Musekiwa said his company had set aside a funds for its Wellness program like the adoption of wards at Kwekwe General Hospital, monthly clean up campaigns, distribution of bins and was in the process of purchasing a refuse truck to be donated to the Kwekwe City Council.
The Times New-Ziana


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